Professional Services



We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. With 2Mppf, clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.

World Class

2Mppf is committed to getting the job done with precision, especially when it comes to this high level of detail. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.


Professional Care

Attention to detail and care is taken when professional 2Mppf installers work on your car.


B & C Door Pillars

These areas can also be protected.  Even after scuffs and scratches from normal use, we can repair it and cover them with clear film for future protection.


Door B-Pillar

B Pillar scuff damage over the years of normal use.  With regular opening and closing of the door and regular car washes, scuffs and deep scratches develops. We can remove these scuffs and scratches and then apply clear film to this area.


Careful Prep

We carefully clean and prepare the area for polishing.  Covering delicate black plastic surrounding areas with temporary blue tape areas will help avoid discolorations from our polishing process. After this process we will machine cut a custom clear film to place over the area that will protect the surface from future scuff and scratches.


Finished B-Pillar

After the clear film is applied you will not notice it is there.  It will keep the fresh new look for many years.


Head Light Restoration & Clear Bra Installation on Headlights

We clear the haze and protect

We are able to clear up all the haze and discoloration on headlights because of UV rays and road debris damage.


Head light with haze

This 2006 Honda Odyssey came in the the stock headlight damage from years of being in the sun and road debris.  With this much damage the light output could be reduced by up to 40%.  When we repair it, the output can be restored to near original.

Close up of the lens

Looking close up you can see how damaged the lens is on a daily used car that parks outside everyday.


The Process

Within the process, we clean it with washing, claying, polishing, and buffing.


While it is always best to have the headlights protected once you have the car purchased but we are still able to install the PPF film on the headlights after it has gone through our cleaning process. In this photo we are installing the PPF film on the headlight.


Comparison Before & After

With the passenger side completed and drivers side has not been worked on yet, you can see how much more clearer the lens is.


Clarity after the cleaning process and PPF installed

Our goal is to always get the headlight back to original state.  This customer was very satisfied and impressed with our work.


Side view

With PPF, paint protection film, installed it looks brand new again and the film is near invisible.


Front view

With the process completed more light can now pass through.  The advantages with the film is that it will help protect against UV damage and rock chips.


Most Common Covered Areas

These are the most common applied areas.  But we can also customize other areas upon request.  Just ask!  Contact us for prices.